What can i do??


Spread the word!

Facebook group – ‘No more supermarkets in Kemptown’


Website – https://kemptown.wordpress.com/


Put up flyers or posters

[Who wants to make them?]


Sign the petititions!

[Who wants to make a paper version to put at local shops and businesses?]

There’s an online one at –



Also the advice goes as follows -Your best bet is to register to the city council website and start off one of their e-petitions. It is harder for the council to ignore, and if put on their site they will have to deal with it through council process: http://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/index.cfm?request=c121167

And make sure when setting up the petition that people have to leave their name and postcode, please also tell people this when calling for signatures as many people don’t leave real names.

[Who wants to do this?]


Write to Sainsbury’s Ltd expressing your displeasure

[Anyone want to supply a model letter?]

Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd

C/O WYG Planning & Design

100 St John




Check the planning applications for yourself.

See this page for more info –


Speak to your local MP, neighbourhood association, shop owner etc etc


Get involved with the campaign. We’re all busy, we’re all tired but think how you will feel if you leave it to others to fight and then you end up having to walk past a Sainsburys at Old Steine every day!


Come to a meeting, planned for early Jan, date yet to be set.

Please go here to say when you can go to a meeting between 5th & 16th January


2 Responses to What can i do??

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  2. Pippa says:

    Just wanted to state my support for Sabotaj. I am a Kemptown resident who believes we need another generic supermarket like a hole in the head.

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