Template letter to MP eg Simon Kirby

Dear Mr Kirby

I’m writing to you about plans for Sainsburys to open a branch in what used to be Taj, on the corner of St James Street and Old Steine.

I live locally and what I most like about the area is that it is characterful and diverse, full of independent shops. With the arrival of multinational corporations such as Tescos and Starbucks in the last couple of years, I fear that unless action is taken, St James St will become a ‘clone’ High St like any other and will lose its uniqueness.

There is already a Co-op, Tescos and Morrisons on St James St, as well as the new Sainsburys on North Street just five minutes walk away.

I am also concerned that Sainsburys is applying for an alcohol licence. As I’m sure you are aware, there is already a great deal of alcohol related antisocial behaviour in the area and in Brighton generally and another supermarket selling alcohol will make the situation worse.

What can you do to oppose Sainsburys opening, and to support small independent businesses in St James Street? Can you help keep Kemptown as the special place we are all proud to live in?



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