Planning Application BH2011/00511

This application has been registered 25/2/11 and its target resolution date is 21/4/11. Bear in mind when writing objections that the previous application closed a day early for an inexplicable reason…

Presumably, just as with the previous application, this one will get passed since the councillors ‘have their hands tied’ and there are no grounds to oppose the application, which is quite specific.

It is an application for a replacement roof mounted plant, consisting of a cold store condenser and three separate air conditioning condensers.

We think that the key thing to note is a paragraph in the covering letter (linked below this sentence) in which the Sainsburys planners gleefully state:
“The unit is located on the corner of Old Steine and St James Street and was previously occupied by the Taj convenience store. Whilst trading as the Taj, planning permission for the change of use from A1 to part A1/A3 and A5 to incorporate a cafe and take-away into the principal food store use was granted by the Council in May 2007 (BH2007/00901), although it does not appear that this has been implemented. As a result of this however, no planning permission is required for this unit to operate as a Sainsburys supermarket”

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