So the next meeting is Monday, see the lovely flyer below…

Plus we have new letters, to keep up the pressure –

John Barradell, Chief Executive of the Council

Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

Sainsburys themselves…

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meeting april25

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next meeting

monday 11 April · 18:30 – 20:30 at the black dove, 74 St James St, BN2 1PA

another meeting for all those who are interesting in stopping sainsbury’s from moving into the old taj building at the st james street.

last week we had our first success when the council turned down sainsbury’s alcohol licence application. this proves that our time and energy spent on the compaign aren’t wasted and that there is a chance for us to win the ” war” against multinational corporations trying to take over our

feedback from the last council meeting is here

come and share your ideas/ concerns. get involved.
help us keep brighton unique.

spread the word and invite friends!!!

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The campaign continues!!

The struggle to keep sainsburys out of kemptown continues. We have been doing a weekly stall outside Taj which has had a really good response. Obviously most people do not St.James Street to become a clone town. Here is the letter to local residents we have been giving out if you need more info. Some good news is that the alcohol license was refused. Details here. Nice one to everyone who objected!

For things to do:

    *There is a council meeting tomorrow at 16.00 at Hove Town Hall (see the post below for details).
    *Keep writing those template letters! We have some new ones, including letters to Sainsburys. Email us on indykemptownATgmailDOTcom with your letters.
    *Our next meeting is scheduled in a few weeks, drop us a line to find out where/when or check back here next week.
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Feedback from the Council Cabinet Meeting

Feedback from the Council Cabinet Meeting 4.30pm Hove Town Hall

The Keep Brighton Unique petition was “debated” in about two minutes. Blink and you would have missed it. Real democracy at work.
However this means that all the previously made recommendations made were approved, therefore what should now happen is:

The Chief Executive, John Barradell, writes to Sainsbury’s saying “the majority of residents do not want or need another Sainsbury’s supermarket in Brighton or another supermarket on St.James Street”.

The Chief Executive writes to the Secretary of State for Communities and local Government requesting that the Local Authority is given extended planning powers.

The Chief Executive writes to the Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Skills asking that the Government establish a Local Competition Ombudsman as recommended by the Competition Commission which will rein in the power of the four big grocery chains.

We should therefore write to Barradell and request that he does this.

Barradell – http://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/index.cfm?request=c1000464

Template letter to Barradell – https://kemptown.wordpress.com/barradell/


There will be a council executive cabinet meeting at 4pm thursday 7 april to discuss (amongst other things) the keep brighton unique petition. This is a link to the agenda. We will be planning to attend to hear the councillors explain exactly why their “hands are tied”. It will be a public meeting so we can attend but cannot contribute (in order to ask a question you have to submit it up to 5 working days before the meeting).

See you there! If you are coming let’s meet outside hove town hall at say 15.30? You are asked to turn up at least 15 minutes before the meeting. It’s happening in the council chamber which is easy to find apparently.

Click here for the location.

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meeting march 7

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Congratulations to all the wonderful Sabotaj squatters! The occupation certainly brought the issue of Sainsburys moving into Kemptown into focus. Now hopefully we can keep momentum going.

We have an organisational get-together tomorrow! The meeting is at Red Roaster (Gossips is closed) at 18.00 prompt, Tuesday March 1. 1 St. James Street.

We also have a public meeting with speakers to be announced at Community Base, 18.30. Monday March 7. 113 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XG.

There are lots of template letters to download and send off. Particularly important is the objection to the alcohol license. There’s also a post concerning the latest planning application.

And lo, he website is growing! You can also check:

A list of suggestions if you want to help

Some background info on why we must stop Sainsburys

Press coverage so far…

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Template letters

We think individually written letters are actually much more effective, but people have been asking for templates, so it’s templates you get. Any other replies, please feel free to cc to indykemptown@gmail.com so we can seize and rip out any salient points. Don’t forget to sign it with your full address, including postcode!!

Letter to Sainsburys

Another letter to Sainsburys

Letter to Eric Pickles

Letter to local residents

Template letter to Mary Mears (leader of council)
Mears blogged last year about her frustration with supermarkets and might need a reminder about that – http://www.brightonandhovenews.org/2010/03/council-leader-calls-for-action-against-supermarket-giants/

Template letter to the local MP (Simon Kirby) – why not contact Caroline Lucas also?

Template letter to object to planning application BH2010/03968

Alternative objection letter

Third objection letter

Objection to alcohol license DEADLINE MARCH 3

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Objecting to the planning applications

It is crucial that everyone objects to the planning application since realistically this is a VERY GOOD WAY for Sainsburys can be defeated.

Here is a breakdown of the current applications:

BH2010/03967 for “advertisement” on the outside of the building. Decided, approved.

BH2010/03968 for “full planning” for 13 – 15 Old Steine Brighton. Decided, approved.
BH2011/00511 – submitted February 18 2011, now under consideration.

You can check these online via

Alcohol license (consultation til march 4)

For – Sale by Retail of Alcohol, 09:00 – 19:00, Every Day
Check via

PLEASE object if you like, although the objections must be regarding the planning, ie sainsburys being bad is not a great line to go down, although arguments which might work includes sainsburys contributing to increased traffic in an already congested area, the alcohol license leading to increased antisocial behaviour, local business being pinched out, the possible damages to the east cliff and valley gardens conservation areas etc etc

Here is a letter written by the Sainsburys planners outlining their rather banal vision of the future – notice how it doesn’t really dwell on problems such as increased traffic and the crushing of local independent businesses …

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Court case lost today, nevertheless the antisainsburys campaign continues

Here follows a message from the occupiers of Sabotaj, check kemptown.wordpress.com or the facebook group ‘No more supermarkets in kemptown’ for more news as it happens… The occupation may well soon be over but the campaign against Sainsburys is growing every day!

Hello everyone

The outcome of the courtcase this morning was that the SaboTaj community centre will be under threat of eviction from 11am tomorrow (Friday 24th Feb). People can help to protest against the eviction and the corporate take-over of Kemptown by coming to the legal protest outside the building on the day. There will be food and music hopefully.

The community centre itself has to be closed to the public while the eviction takes place, but this doesnt mean the anti-sainsburys movement is stopping, people are still very much enthusiastic about preventing the demise of local business and monopolisation of Kemptown by multinationals. The social centre will soon be set up somewhere else for use by the community and SaboTaj will continue to run a cafe on the day of the protest.

A big thankyou to everyone who has helped with putting on events, free food, artwork, library, workshops, keeping the building secure, entertaining and helping SaboTaj come together.

Hopefully see you tomorrow,

Love from SaboTaj


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