Letter to sainsburys

Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd
C/O WYG Planning & Design
100 St John St

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you as a local resident of Kemptown in Brighton regarding the planned Sainsburys “Local”. For better or worse, Taj was a Brighton institution and I used it as my local vegetable store. The unique character of St James Street is at risk of being over-run by chain stores. Now in fact I am getting a vegetable box instead since I cannot abide buying supermarket vegetables which are often low quality.

A Sainsburys on the corner of Old Steine will be an eyesore and turn a bustling street into a cloned version of a high street anywhere in England. Yes St James Street already has three supermarkets, but enough is enough, we don’t need four.

I have been following the planning applications and it seems regrettable that councillors who are publicly against the Sainsburys plans are approving the applications since ‘their hands are tied’.
Their hands are tied but where there is a will there is a way. I don’t see why we should all stand by and allow St James Street to lose its diversity.

As I am sure you know, local business will lose out when Sainsburys opens. St James Street currently has an interesting mix of shops and I see a lot of them being squeezed out.

Mary Mears has said “Here in Brighton and Hove we are quite rightly nationally renowned for our sheer number and variety of small independent retailers, and if even half of these disappeared our economy would be in real trouble. Therefore, I think it is vitally important that local politicians stand up and make a statement on this issue wherever possible.”

Simon Kirby, our MP, says “ I for one do not wish to see another cloned High Street.”

Ben Duncan, local Green Councillor, says “I am horrified by the proposal to open a Sainsbury Local in the former site of the Taj shop.”

In the face of this opposition, please do the decent thing and refrain from opening a Sainsburys here.

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