Letter to pickles

19, Crown Street, Brentwood Essex CM14 4BA

Dear Mr. Pickles,

I am a concerned shopper, deeply disturbed by the continuing trend in supermarket expansion.
Please act now to give local councils greater powers and legislate against supermarket expansion.
You are the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Supermarkets rely entirely on cheap foreign imports and often poverty level wages for workers involved in the chain of supply. The entire supermarket industry is entirely reliant on oil, from pesticides for crops, through plastics for packaging, to transportation.
Supermarkets would collapse but for the ready supply of cheap developing nations’ food. Supermarket generated money often goes out of the country or moreso just increasing their own huge profits annually and little on no ‘trickle-down effect’ is felt by the communities themselves. Supermarkets talk about the benefit to the communities yet more of their stores would create. But jobs can be community enriching, life affirming, or soul destroying.
A Manchester School of Management study predicted that if supermarket expansion continues at the current rate, there may not be a single independent food store left in the U.K. by 2050. I would not want to live in such a world.
Please, in your capacity as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, legislate against supermarket expansion.


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