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Please help us spread this info as far and wide as possible….
Kemptown in Brighton is a lovely diverse area which has already been invaded by Tescos and Starbucks. Now Sainsbury’s want to muscle in as well, on the site of the old Taj shop… Why should the community let that happen? If we act fast we have a good chance of defeating Sainsbury’s, just as they have recently been rejected in Preston Park.

The Taj shop was a well-loved institution but unfortunately the group which owns it have gone into administration. The site is 13-15 Old Steine and Sainsburys have put in two applications which have been received but not registered. This is good, it means we still have time to organise a campaign.
Keep it local!

Further info:

There is a Facebook group here –

Rudimentary website –

Taj in administration-
Brighton Planning Register –

The applications are BH2010/03967 and BH2010/03968
Contact Caroline Lucas / Simon Kirby –
Ben Duncan, local Green Party Councillor, expects resistance-

The Argus coverage –

You can contact us on indykemptown AT gmail DOT com


2 Responses to Info to spread

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  2. jackie says:

    Did you see The People’s Supermarket on Channel 4? A Restaurant Chef started a Supermarket staffed by volunteers. It looks like it he would have found it easier with a group of people working to get it started (rather than one man alone), The one he went to see in New York was beautiful and had been running for years – a real community supermarket – people work 2 hours per month there in return for 40% off their food shopping!

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