february tasks wishlist

if people want stuff to do for the campaign, here are some suggestions – feel free to take things on by emailing indykemptown@gmail.com

  • publicise/organise meeting march 7
  • data entry of emails from petition sheets
  • write an objection to the new planning application, which is BH2011/00511 – submitted February 18 2011, received but not yet registered for “full planning” on 13 Old Steine. We are not sure if this supersedes the previous application. Probably not. Its status is now listed as INVALID. Hmmm. Might need to fone the planning officer Steven Hay on 292211 to enquite precisely what’s going on there.
  • write an objection letter to the alcohol license application
  • get fotos of the taj occupation online
  • write a letter to local businesses
  • contact the press – bbc, kemptown rag, argus, source etc etc
  • jazz up website
  • Advertisements

2 Responses to february tasks wishlist

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  2. Hi,

    I’m a web developer and I saw the posters outside Taj and I’d like to offer technical support and/or some development time to whomever is doing the website. Perhaps I can help this campaign!?!

    I’m away from 4th-14th March and uncontactable, but any other time, please get in touch 🙂


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