Another letter to Sainsburys

Justin King, Head office, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Limited, 33 Holborn, London. EC1N 2HT


Dear Mr King,

I am a concerned Brighton shopper dismayed to hear of your recent proposal to open a ‘Sainsbury’s Local’ store at 13-15 The Old Steine Brighton. I have witnessed in recent years a dwindling local, independent retailers along Saint James’ street and Kemptown, and more chain-stores and supermarkets moving to the area.
Ben Duncan (Green Councillor) recently said “People come to Saint James’ Street because they like the fact that it’s a little bit quirky, and with every new supermarket opening the street becomes a little more like everywhere else, and there are less reasons for visitors to the city to come to that area. Residents have less choice, they (supermarkets) all sell pretty much the same range of branded goods as each other—and local businesses would suffer as rents rise and big stores undercut local traders, until they go bust.”
Both Sainsbury’s in your own website and Mary Mears (Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council) have talked about the importance of sustainability. This necessarily involves leaving the lowest possible carbon footprint, meaning prioritising organic, fairly traded, British and local goods, wherever possible, and in-store recycling as well as environmentally-friendly heating and lighting systems. This has not been my experience of ‘Sainsbury’s Local’ stores in Brighton.
As Corporate Watch say, ‘Sainsbury’s…creates a lot more poverty than it relieves’…
I politely request that each of these points be answered thoroughly, and that this letter be treated as a formal complaint in line with your company’s policies.


(full address):


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