Alternative Template letter to object to planning application BH2010/03968

Send to or go via the brighton planning register online….

Dear Sue Dubberly
I am a local resident of Kemptown and would like to object in the strongest terms to the proposed Sainsburys Local at the corner of the Old Steine and St.James Street (planning application BH2010/03968).
The planned alterations include “new entrance doors and ATM cash machine, replacement of existing opening on Old Steine elevation with glazed panel and removal of existing awnings”. Despite claims to be in harmony with the local East Cliff and Valley Gardens conservation areas, these bright signs will disfigure the look of the building and create an eyesore. Compared to the previous signs used by Taj these new signs will be larger and unsightly. This would not be advisable.
There will undeniably be an increase in noise and disturbance from Sainsburys delivery vehicles. Interestingly this issue is not discussed anywhere in Sainsburys’ large amount of literature. Nevertheless this remains a problem.
The proposed alcohol license will no doubt lead to increased antisocial behaviour in an area which already has plenty of problems with alcohol abuse.
Many local businesses such as the newsagent right next to the former Taj would no doubt experience a dramatic loss of business if Sainsburys were to open.


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