Feedback from the Council Cabinet Meeting

Feedback from the Council Cabinet Meeting 4.30pm Hove Town Hall

The Keep Brighton Unique petition was “debated” in about two minutes. Blink and you would have missed it. Real democracy at work.
However this means that all the previously made recommendations made were approved, therefore what should now happen is:

The Chief Executive, John Barradell, writes to Sainsbury’s saying “the majority of residents do not want or need another Sainsbury’s supermarket in Brighton or another supermarket on St.James Street”.

The Chief Executive writes to the Secretary of State for Communities and local Government requesting that the Local Authority is given extended planning powers.

The Chief Executive writes to the Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Skills asking that the Government establish a Local Competition Ombudsman as recommended by the Competition Commission which will rein in the power of the four big grocery chains.

We should therefore write to Barradell and request that he does this.

Barradell –

Template letter to Barradell –


There will be a council executive cabinet meeting at 4pm thursday 7 april to discuss (amongst other things) the keep brighton unique petition. This is a link to the agenda. We will be planning to attend to hear the councillors explain exactly why their “hands are tied”. It will be a public meeting so we can attend but cannot contribute (in order to ask a question you have to submit it up to 5 working days before the meeting).

See you there! If you are coming let’s meet outside hove town hall at say 15.30? You are asked to turn up at least 15 minutes before the meeting. It’s happening in the council chamber which is easy to find apparently.

Click here for the location.

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