Objecting to the planning applications

It is crucial that everyone objects to the planning application since realistically this is a VERY GOOD WAY for Sainsburys can be defeated.

Here is a breakdown of the current applications:

BH2010/03967 for “advertisement” on the outside of the building. Decided, approved.

BH2010/03968 for “full planning” for 13 – 15 Old Steine Brighton. Decided, approved.
BH2011/00511 – submitted February 18 2011, now under consideration.

You can check these online via

Alcohol license (consultation til march 4)

For – Sale by Retail of Alcohol, 09:00 – 19:00, Every Day
Check via

PLEASE object if you like, although the objections must be regarding the planning, ie sainsburys being bad is not a great line to go down, although arguments which might work includes sainsburys contributing to increased traffic in an already congested area, the alcohol license leading to increased antisocial behaviour, local business being pinched out, the possible damages to the east cliff and valley gardens conservation areas etc etc

Here is a letter written by the Sainsburys planners outlining their rather banal vision of the future – notice how it doesn’t really dwell on problems such as increased traffic and the crushing of local independent businesses …

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One Response to Objecting to the planning applications

  1. Stephen says:

    The licensing application number is 1445/3/2011/00192/LAPREN

    But I can’t find a way to object to it yet!

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