Court case lost today, nevertheless the antisainsburys campaign continues

Here follows a message from the occupiers of Sabotaj, check or the facebook group ‘No more supermarkets in kemptown’ for more news as it happens… The occupation may well soon be over but the campaign against Sainsburys is growing every day!

Hello everyone

The outcome of the courtcase this morning was that the SaboTaj community centre will be under threat of eviction from 11am tomorrow (Friday 24th Feb). People can help to protest against the eviction and the corporate take-over of Kemptown by coming to the legal protest outside the building on the day. There will be food and music hopefully.

The community centre itself has to be closed to the public while the eviction takes place, but this doesnt mean the anti-sainsburys movement is stopping, people are still very much enthusiastic about preventing the demise of local business and monopolisation of Kemptown by multinationals. The social centre will soon be set up somewhere else for use by the community and SaboTaj will continue to run a cafe on the day of the protest.

A big thankyou to everyone who has helped with putting on events, free food, artwork, library, workshops, keeping the building secure, entertaining and helping SaboTaj come together.

Hopefully see you tomorrow,

Love from SaboTaj


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