No more supermarkets in Kemptown

[15 FEB] NEWSFLASH TWO – the building is still in occupation, despite some wrangles with the police earlier. everybody is welcome to pass by and show their support

[14 FEB] NEWSFLASH – the taj building has been occupied! there is an initial planning meeting … all welcome…

Kemptown in Brighton is a lovely diverse area which has already been invaded by Tescos and Starbucks. Now Sainsburys want to muscle in as well, on the site of the old Taj shop… Why should the community let that happen? You can read more about the background here.

Planning info

Suggestions for action.

Keep checking here or on Facebook for updates.

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One Response to No more supermarkets in Kemptown

  1. Michael says:


    I’m interested in your protest which I noticed today when passing Taj. I’ve read your webpage but am unsure if the protest is still on and if so what stage it’s at with regards your objectives,

    Best wishes,


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